Tutorial #203 – How To Make Videos Even If You Don’t Have A Camera And Are Terribly Shy

Video is powerful.

Maybe the most powerful way to market your products and services.

An indication of this is the popularity of television over the past few decades and the massive growth of sites like YouTube.

Using video to share your expertise, educate your audience, entertain people or sell a product is something I think every entrepreneur should seriously consider.

But I know there are many of you out there who don’t have the budget for a camera and maybe you’re extremely shy and can’t even imagine yourself in front of a camera.

Maybe you’ve tried, but you just can’t get the script right or your nerves take over and your face turns read. Or maybe you just don’t think you look good.

My first advice to this is “get over it”, practice and get yourself out there. But in the meantime, while you’re working on that “personal development within yourself”, here’s a simple solution for you. So you have absolutely no excuses for not making and using videos to promote your business.

Here is a very simple example of what this tutorial will teach you to make:

You can see a few examples here:



In this tutorial you will learn:

  • The basics of video construction
  • What you’ll need to create these types of videos
  • How to create special effects, movement on screen and eye catching scenes
  • How to upload videos to YouTube and optimize them for more views
  • How to upload once and have your video spread across multiple video sites
  • Resources of where to find video clips, audio/music clips and images


The Basics Of Video Structure

The sound on this video isn’t as good as I planned…you’ll have to turn up your speakers :)

[flowplayer src='http://tracymatthewman.s3.amazonaws.com/tutorials/203-a-OutlineHowToCreateVideos.mov' width=600 height=337]

Creating / Editing Your Video With Keynote for Mac

I suggest you watch this whether you’re using Keynote or Powerpoint. This video has everything in it. The next video on Powerpoint only has points on how to do specific things with Powerpoint.

[flowplayer src='http://tracymatthewman.s3.amazonaws.com/tutorials/203-b-HowToConstructVideosWithKeynote.mov' width=600 height=337]

Creating / Editing Your Video With PowerPoint

If you are using Powerpoint, you’ll definitely want to watch the Mac Keynote video above as it is more thorough. This Powerpoint video only shows how to do special effects, audio and recording with Powerpoint but does lack some of the additional points about video creation.

Video Coming Soon

Video Upload & Optimization

[flowplayer src='http://tracymatthewman.s3.amazonaws.com/tutorials/203-c-UploadingToYouTubeAndOptimizing.mov' width=600 height=337]

Video Submission Services

http://tubemogule.com – This one is free but cannot be used for commercial purposes. Education & entertainment only.
http://trafficgeyser.com – This one costs money but is well worth it if you’re going to do a lot of videos.

Resources for photos:

http://google.com/images – Be careful of copyright.
http://photo.net – Get permission from the owner, maybe give them credit in your video or on your website.

Resources for music:



Resources for video clips:




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