The $20 Opportunity

One thing I’ve learned is that those who make decisions and make them quickly often reap the rewards. But in the grand scheme of things…that’s not all it’s about. Watch this little video I made with a cool little story that happened to me yesterday. You may find it inspirational. Oh and leave a comment or share it on Facebook if you like it. Thanks xo

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Tracy Matthewman

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Tracy is an online marketing coach who helps small business owner gain more traffic, leads and sales for their business. She lives in Ontario, Canada, is a mom and avid health nut. She loves painting, hanging out with her daughter and reading. Contact Tracy to help you with your online marketing.
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  1. Mom
    4 years ago

    Tracy I loved your story Thanks for sharing…
    I have to do devotions tomorrow for our MMAP group and I am going to share it with them.
    this is what we do for MMap, we look for opportunities to help where ever we go.

    this little clip reminds us once again. There are opportunities all around us, we just have to open our eyes and ears and then act.

    Love you

  2. Carol
    4 years ago

    Wonderful advice and great video.

  3. Corinne
    4 years ago

    Hey Tracy,

    I loved your message today….truly inspirational and amazing! You were very brave to stand up on that chair alone!

    All the best!


  4. Jeff Lannan
    4 years ago

    Tracy, like the story… you may get a ticket for taping while driving :). Love the story!

  5. Tsufit
    4 years ago

    Cool story. I had a similar $100 buck moment in Las Vegas that had an interesting twist.
    I’ll tell you someday over a cup of stale hummus at a networking event.
    P.S. Love the drive and talk. Very Frank Kern of you. :)
    Tsufit recently posted..Publicity Can Be Risky Business

    • Tracy Matthewman
      4 years ago

      He he…Tsufit You’re hilarious! I hope I don’t look like Frank :) Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  6. Sherry Lynn Simoes
    4 years ago

    Thanks Tracy
    Great thought to ponder!
    Sherry Lynn

  7. Lana Larder
    4 years ago

    ❤Thumbs up❤

    Thanks for sharing this story ❤ really enjoyed hearing about your visit to the US and how because you are so up to date on social media ❤ you seized an opportunity❤
    What you did with the gain ❤ and how you are “paying it forward” speaks volumes about you❤
    and your kindness. If the world were only so kind and continually paying it forward…there would be no poverty, there would be no inequality, there would be no wars, there would be no……glad you are making a difference ❤

  8. Mary
    4 years ago

    Inspirational! Yes Tracy you are so right! Sitting around waiting for the golden bag to fall from the sky you miss out on many great opportunities. If we would only become aware of what these opportunities afford such as new relationships, a contact, a referral etc… many miracles come about. In fact, I constantly search for opportunites and find many! Good for you! thanks for sharing

  9. Rosemary Evangelista
    4 years ago

    Well said Tracy. Thank you for sharing this “small” lesson. How true if we all got off our “butts” to look for the opportunities that help us grow, then we have the resources, the energy, the opportunities to help others. What an inspiring story! WWW should have you featured in the magazine. We’ll have to talk. Again thanks for sharing this amazing story and have a safe trip home.

  10. Tracy,

    Great story! I am so glad I took the time to listen to your video because it truly is the small lessons in life that add up to Bigger things. You may never know what giving that $20 to the homeless man did, but I am sure you made his day a little brighter which in turn made him happy and hopefully that happiness rubbed off on someone else and so on…

    And the lesson about looking up a speaker on FB is a keeper. If more people did that we could connect much more personally – what a great testimony to the power of social media.

    Thank you for sharing,

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder
    Women in Ecommerce™

    • Tracy Matthewman
      4 years ago

      You’re welcome Heidi. Thanks for taking the time. And I agree. I always try to connect with everyone I meet on social media. Hey I’ll do that right now with you. :) Tracy

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