How To Market Your Blog

As a small business owner I’m sure you’re looking for how to market your blog. This does not necessarily mean getting more traffic. The definition of “marketing” according to Wikipedia is

Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers. Marketing might sometimes be interpreted as the art of selling products, but sales is only one part of marketing. (read more)

My first recommendation is to have your own blog. Not a Blogger or account. These are hosted and managed by the companies that run them. The best option these days is to have your very own WordPress blog that you own and host. This will be a small monthly/yearly cost. But you can do it for $10/year for the domain name and $10/month for the hosting, so nothing that would break the bank. Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step WordPress course that will step you through the process easily.

Here’s How To Market Your Blog … Well At Least 10 Ways

1. Communicate Value

Communicate the value of your blog/product or service. Soon as someone lands on your site, they should have good idea of what the site is all about. Keep it clear and concise. Use language that matches with your audience. My audience is small business entrepreneurs. These people are usually creative, casual, out of the box thinkers, so I tend to write how I think…nothing formal or too techie.

2. Make It Easy To Subscribe

One of the best and hardest learned lessons in how to market your blog is not giving people a way to subscribe. Please!!! Give visitors a simple way to subscribe to you. Whether it’s RSS, by email or signing up for a free ebook or video series. The best way I know to market a blog is by creating good content and ensuring you have a list of people to notify when you add to your blog. To put a form on your site that will capture their email address, use a system such as GetResponse, AWeber or MailChimp.

3. Be Specific To A Market

Be specific about who you are targeting. Ever heard the expression “If your market is everyone, then you’re marketing to no one.” Or something like that. :) The more specific you are the better response you’ll get from readers and the more sales you’ll make. Using long tail keywords will help you to target an even more narrow group of people.

4. Use Social Media

Let people know about your new posts on as many social media outlets as possible. Some people prefer Facebook, other Twitter. And some LinkedIn. So put your blog posts on all three to catch more fish in your net.

5. Optimize Your Blog

Learn the very basics of search engine optimization. I don’t mean become an expert, but at least now how to optimize your blog posts. This alone will help you get more visitors. Here is a mini SEO course that will give you the basics in under 45 minutes.

6. Write Great Stuff

This is simple. If you write great stuff, people will remember, subscribe and share. Instead of writing mediocre posts daily, write one great post weekly as an example.

7. Have A Call To Action

There should be a call to action on every post, even if it’s just to leave a comment. Search engines love when your post gets lots of social interaction.

8. Comment On Other Blogs

This is an unexpected one I’m sure. When you are surfing the web and reading other related blog posts, leave a useful comment. In many cases other blogs allow you to leave a website link. Take advantage of this. Search engines love it and it’s like “link love”. I wrote a post on this …so check it out for more details. Leave A Comment. It Will Benefit You. I Promise

9. Setup Your Blog For Automatic Pinging

Pinging? What is that you ask. It’s basically a method of letting search engines and other social sharing sites know that your website has been updated. I recently installed a plugin on my site which does this completely in the background and it pings my blog posts to 200 sites. It also continually pings all my old posts as well so past efforts are constantly fresh. It’s called PingFresh.

10. Make It Easy To Share

Blog posts can go viral if you write good stuff, but you’ve got to make it easy for people. Be sure to include Facebook Share, Tweet and LinkedIn buttons on your site that make it as little as 1-2 clicks for someone to share it on their networks. You can get social sharing plugins from, but here are the top three independant ones. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn You can also get a single plugin that does all of them. My favourite is Sociable.

How To Market Your Blog – Just The Beginning

These are by no means the only methods for how to market your blog. There are others, but if you do these, you’ll have tremendous success.




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  1. Sarah Kidder
    3 years ago

    Thanks for this great post, Tracy! I’m 2 posts in on my new blog and have been looking for ways to get it out there – perfect timing on this!! :)

    • Tracy Matthewman
      3 years ago

      How exciting Sarah. Your site looks awesome!! Congrats!

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